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 県は「今後は小中学生等へPR冊子(インフラ資産マップ)を配布するなど、インフラ資産の魅力を広くPRし、小中学校の社会見学等や地域の観光資源と合わせたインフラツーリズムとしての活用を目指している」とした。 (午前零時)


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The prefectural government created a brochure titled "Akita's Infrastructure 50 Selections to Pass On to the Future" and distributed it to elementary and junior high schools, construction industry organizations, tourism-related groups, and roadside stations throughout the prefecture. The brochure features a total of 10 locations from the northern region of Akita.

The purpose of creating the brochure is to promote the representative infrastructure assets in various locations throughout the prefecture to students, parents, and citizens, and to deepen their understanding of the construction industry, which is intended to lead to an increase in future job applicants.

The selection committee, which consisted of six members from the fields of education, construction (civil engineering and architecture), tourism, and media, led by Associate Professor Makoto Kasai of Akita National College of Technology, held its first meeting in May of last year to decide on the concept and selection criteria for the infrastructure assets. Since then, the committee has been working on creating the brochure.

The breakdown of the selected 50 infrastructure assets includes 14 buildings and 14 others, followed by eight agricultural facilities, five bridges and tunnels each, and four dams. The committee selected facilities that can contribute to the image improvement of the construction industry, with a focus on "learnable," "useful," "lovable," "visually impressive," and "one-of-a-kind" perspectives, among others, from among the safe facilities that can be visited and viewed.

Ten locations were selected from the northern region of Akita, including the City History and Folklore Museum, the Former Sekizen Sake Brewery, the Korakukan in Kosaka Town, the Former Kosaka Mining Office, the Towada Hotel, the Odate Jukai Dome (all buildings), the Moriyoshi Dam in Kita-Akita City, the Shokaku Bridge, the Nekko Tunnel, and the Akita Inland Vertical Railway, which operates between Kita-Akita City and Semboku City.

The brochure features a photo and overview of each of the 50 selections, as well as highlights and guidance on how to visit each location via a map. To allow visitors to post pictures and videos they took at each facility, an official Instagram account was also established.

The prefectural government aims to "further promote the appeal of infrastructure assets through distributing PR brochures (infrastructure asset maps) to elementary and junior high school students and utilizing them as infrastructure tourism in conjunction with social tours of schools and regional tourism resources."        (12:00 AM)